3 comments on “Acceptance

  1. I was terrified to follow your blog. I still am. But I want to listen. I want you to know I’m listening. Keep going. Use any and all tools you can without judgment. A friend of mine once recommended what he called “the five minute rule”. You are allowed to feel totally contradictory things every five minutes. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make sense. It’s real and you feel it, so sense is irrelevant. Allow the feeling to pass through you, like light through a window. It’s possible that the expression of that feeling will help heal you. I hope when you cry, the tears take the bad stuff with them, out into the air to disappear. No matter what happens, you are not a failure. You are honest and brave. Keep going.

    • I appreciate your listening and your writings. “Life Just Is,” “My Hero,” and “Peak Experience” have all been helpful to me.

      I have been forced into a five minute rule of sorts by the drugs. I really like your friend’s suggestion to accept it rather than resist. I’ve already used this and it helped make the insanity of this situation seem more normal and OK.

      When the tears come from Casodex or Lupron, there is no feeling of relief at the end. These drugs hurt and heal. Oftentimes it’s not clear which one they do more. One of my friends is absolutely convinced they are drugs from the devil.

      Your encouragement is most welcome. I am trying very hard to be honest and “raw” in my writings. I want to create a record that allows others to see up close the effects of prostate cancer on one life, mine. It is my hope folks will use it to learn and grow in their own way.

      • Tears without catharsis? That really sucks! I’m glad the five minute rule helped. Your blog is definitely helping me keep things in perspective, so you can check that goal off your list!

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