7 comments on “Coping Mechanisms

  1. Re-reading everything you have written about casodex, I don’t understand why you would go back on it. You mention that it causes severe anxiety.

    • Good question. I would prefer to have nothing to do with Casodex or Lupron, but they’re my primary life extender. Prostate cancer eats testosterone, so the first round of treatment to slow the cancer’s growth and spread is to remove testosterone from the body. That’s what Casodex and Lupron do. Taking them will extend my life 2 years or more by removing a food source. After 2-3 years without testosterone, the cancer mutates enough to eat things other than testosterone and then it’s time for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy for prostate cancer is pretty ineffective. The typical chemo treatment extends life 2-3 months, although they can be chained together.

  2. Okay. I’ve read up on casodex. Can you coexist with your cancer and stay alive? Is radiation out forever? Is casodex, chemo?”. Sorry to ask probably dumb questions.
    Don’t want to seem like your fam but I do believe you are making a difference with this blog. And those of us who do not have this type of cancer but have it afflicting someone they love and admire — can use all the input you feel free to share.

    • I cannot co-exist with this cancer and stay alive. Radiation is not out forever, in fact it will likely play a large role. As the cancer further metastasizes to other bones, we’ll probably irradiate the new locations to slow the cancer down. Regrettably, the radiation does not completely kill the cancer, it just gets rid of most of it. Everything, Casodex/Lupron, radiation, and chemo only slow the growth and spread of the cancer once it metastasizes. At this time there are no cures for metastasized prostate cancer.

      Casodex is not chemo. It’s not trying to kill the cancer via chemical means, it cuts off the cancer’s food supply. Many, but not all, of the cancer cells starve as a result. In chemo, you directly try to kill the cancer cells by “poisoning” them. Chemotherapy’s side effects come from accidentally “poisoning” good cells. Casodex’s side effects are a result of the body being deprived of testosterone.

  3. I’ve only had radiation treatments so my depression isn’t as bad. I’ve been able to get over it with exercise and for a few weeks some sleeping pills to help reset my sleep cycle. I also try to do things to distract my self – work in my shop, visit family and I’ve done a lot of writing in my blog. I find that writing is a great emotional release and really helps me clear my mind. So far my doctor hasn’t put me on any anti-depression meds but that isn’t off the table either. I am more in that, wait and see how it goes place.

    In your case the use of HT drugs is a real complicating factor and I hope that they can figure out the right combination to help.

    All the best.

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