5 comments on “Who am I?

  1. Yapcab, is it possible you are all of those things? I find people trying to label their identities as a difficult thing – you are so dynamic and in many ways the product of your experiences. Perhaps embracing each of those different versions of you would be best, rather than trying to figure out how this mood or that feeling fits into your preconceived notion of who you are or should be.

    • In a sense all these moods are me – I’m having them after all. I agree that acceptance of this is the best resolution. What makes it tough is how fast the moods have changed in the past few days. It comes a little to close to feeling out of control for my tastes.

      Thanks for taking time to think about my situation and respond.

  2. I’m finding strength in a little homespun thought of my own.:
    I’m alive now, and sometime in the future I will be dead. This is the truth for every living thing, and is a truth that hasn’t changed since the moment of my birth. So, live now, and don’t let fears of the future spoil today.

    (I’m not a great one for mantras and homilies, but this one is working for me right now!)

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