7 comments on “Burglary

  1. Very insightful post. It’s so true that this cancer stuff is a thief – of time, innocence and of life. Once you’ve been touched by it your life is forever changed and your world view is colored by it.

    Acceptance is hard to find in our situation. But I hope I can find it and be able to simile with a child with the time I have.

  2. Well said Jimmy, I too experienced this burglary issue as a child except I was home alone with my sister hiding under the bed as he ransacked our house. For years every time a doorbell rang or an aggresisive knock came at the door I was petrified. Your analogy of cancer being a thief is powerful. I never viewed it that way before, but now I forever will. I hope that you will get to see joy again soon in the little things, it’s hard to imagine you not as you have always been a big happy teddy bear in my eyes! xoxo

  3. This was so beautifully and sadly metaphorical. It reminded me of something else I read once – feel free to give me a virtual disapproving look if this parallel is irrelevant or insensitive. I read about a therapist who was treating a patient, and the patient said that she kept having recurrent dreams about a man who was in her attic. She kept asking that man to leave, repeatedly, but he stayed even though he didn’t belong. It turns out that parallel was to the therapist, and the fact that he was intruding into areas of her psyche where he was not welcome. I think the reason this reminded me of your story was because it is about an unwelcome intruder, in your own mind and in your own body.

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