10 comments on “Mixed News

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of good news about Zytiga. Sounds to me like it is really working for a lot of folks. If the casodex last long all the better. Good news on the PSA. I like numbers that start with 0. (expect maybe my paycheck which needs more zeros on the right).

    And I know what you mean about writing a post. There are times I just have to force myself to start.

    Hang in there.

    • Zytiga really is getting some great press. I failed to mention it also minimizes bone pain. I’m not sure what the side effects are though. I know it’s supposed to be taken with low dose prednisone, so there are two sets of side effects. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  2. YAPCaB,

    I believe that open communication about the DNA order and opening a dialogue about your decision-making process will often help to smooth over any difficulties within families. Most times, when loved ones understand why you feel the way you do and respect the thought you have put into the decision, they will come to support you.

    When I found out I had cancer I immediately starting investigating into pre-paid cremation service’s and attractive urns, I would chose. It gave me peace to do this myself and to take the pressure off my kids.

    With the bone pain issue, I read this online and thought you could speak with your MD about it.

    “ScienceDaily (Sep. 25, 2011) — Many prostate cancer patients develop bone metastases, and controlling the pain these cause can be difficult. Now the first large randomised Phase III trial of a bisphosphonate drug in these patients has shown that a single dose of the drug is as good for pain relief as single dose radiotherapy, the standard treatment for bone metastases. Results of the trial were presented at the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress.”

    Beware with this drug ( BISPHOSPHONATE) it can cause problems in your mouth, if you get an extraction, ( called jaw death) and there has been reported causes of bone fractured as well. The pros and cons of every drug, comes down to a cross, do we wish to bear or not.

    Also I read that you can take a prevented measure and have your breast/chest radiated to stop enlargement, however it has to be before the enlargement is happening, otherwise it cannot reverse it or stop what is there already. The electron rays’ they use can control depth and power levels within it and this is why it is used, it will not hit your heart or lungs as is will not go that deep. (This is something I would think about twice.) There is a lot of men with big chests and people don’t think twice about it. WHO CARES….

    If all fails, you could always have surgery to reduce them, instead of radation, anyday in my book.

    The Gods still want you around with your fanastic PSA test – numbers.

    Have you look into the macrobiotics diet. ( avoid sugar, candy, soda, baked good, animal fat, preserved meat, mayonnaise, salad oils, you can have only olive oil, no butter, fried food, fast food)

    Try the “flaxseed oil diet” which is flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixed together.

    Take 3- 6 tablespoon of the oil and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese = 3 times a day with a macrobiotics diet.

    1. Get apprroval from your MD first…..
    2. you can buy the flaxseed oil at walmart.
    3. try this every day for 60 -120 days recheck your numbers to see if the cancer is gone,
    4. look into the book “outsmart your cancer” for other types of recipes.

    Sorry to hear about your dog’ health, I hope he has the best last year of his life with you and your family.


    • Wow! Thanks for the research! The biophosphonate sounds promising. I’ll look into that. Hopefully, I won’t have any issues with bone pain, but better to be prepared. The zytiga is also supposed to reduce bone pain.

      Regarding radiation to prevent breast enlargement, I discussed this with my oncologist. Sounds like it used to be commonly done, but is falling out of favor due to side effects. Surgery is the preferred option.

      I’ve thought about macro-biotic and other diets and decided to pass. A friend developed breast cancer and went on such a diet. My wife and I tried to eat the same food when we were with her, but it was just too unappealing. I’d rather enjoy my meals and die a little sooner. The anecdotal evidence that it might cure cancer is insufficient for me to give up the food I love.

  3. I can hear your voice when I read about what you are dealing with. Thanks for taking the time to write. I am so sad about Julia. You and your wife have been thru way too much.

  4. Questionably pertinent to your post, but I remember a conversation I had with my friend where we agreed that the best times for us to engage in our respective arts (I’m a painter, he’s a musician) are when we are at the polar ends of the mood spectrum – either really melancholic or really happy. Being able to capitalize on that emotion often makes for some of the best expression. On the other hand, the grey area in between is tough – sometimes a lack of inspiration or a lack of need of expression stems from this, I guess? I also would like to comment that “mixed news” as a title for a blog post is always a better herring than a post titled “terrible news.” I know I’m grappling for the very thin silver lining, but still….

    • I think you’re right, the more emotional intensity there is the more motivation and depth of expression there is.

      The silver lining is thin, but it’s not all bad!

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