11 comments on “A Rant

  1. The rant is you can decide you’re going to learn something, but you don’t get to decide what. I don’t feel wise as a result of cancer, I feel more accepting of my own humaness. And in that way I fell more connected to everybody. I’m glad there is poetry and theater, because so much of this is just life and just a metaphor. Everybody’s got something. You either accept it or fight it your whole life long. I never say that I’m thankful for cancer, but the fact of the matter is without out, I never would have written a blog or informed women of the drug interactions with tamoxifen, which is by the way, Why I started this blog in the first place. Find the healer within yourself and play hooky with your life sometimes, it helps.

  2. Sometimes there is nothing like a good rant. Somethings we just need to vent.

    It’s rare I get people pushing beyond a simple answer but there are a few clueless ones out there. Most people are sensitive to what I am going through and understand that there good days and bad days. They are willing to accept me when I say, “It’s a good day today,” without needing to go beyond that.

    The others are just a trial and can just be upsetting to deal with. Maybe I’ll just start sending THOSE people the URL to you rant. 😉

  3. Sounds like a perfectly justified rant to me. Sometimes the best thing to do is write the frustration out.

    I have never experienced cancer personally. I’ve lost relatives to cancer, but have no idea how it feels. What you describe though does tie in with how people speak to me regarding mental illness. Like they want to know all the juicy details of the medications and any freak-outs I may have had. This is why very few in real life know about my mental health.

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