9 comments on “Adaptation Revisited

    • No, depression. I have a history of depression and am “treatment resistant” I think they call it. Added to that is the natural sadness of having stage IV cancer and the depression caused by Casodex (or Lupron) and it’s a mess.

  1. Ah, YapCab, and not to mention, the cherry on top of it all is that you live in Texas, which I imagine can’t make it any better. Oops! Did I say that aloud?
    No, but seriously, I can often feel your pain through your posts. I’m just glad you’re being proactive about the depression. I think it’s so common for people to just accept that this sadness is part of their reality.

    • What!? Dallas is a wonderful place. South Fork, the Cowboys, fantastic food, friendly people, and I’m part of The Nation of Texas. Now Houston, Houston’s horrible. Humidity and heat. No central planning years back, so the road network is a mess.

      Yes, I am proactive about the depression, but the process stinks. As you know, finding the right meds is largely a trial and error process. Each iteration can take weeks and may have no successful conclusion. Then again I should shut up and be happy that there’s even a trial and error process to try out. It wasn’t that long ago there wasn’t…

      • YapCab, what about a therapist? Maybe that, in conjunction w/ the meds, might do the trick?

        With regard to the Texas thing, oh…yeah…um. I’m from New York. 🙂 It appears that I am making frenemies with New Jersey people – don’t put me on your frenemy list too ! 🙂

  2. Hopefully it will level off at some point. It would be just darned annoying to have to switch to another med.

    It’s not the same but I remember when I had to start taking pills for my blood pressure – we had to try like 4 different meds until we found one that worked right.

    Hang in there.

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