8 comments on “Julia’s Olympic Dream Ends

  1. She’s a trooper with much better things to do than spend her day burning 43,000 calories doing laps.

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    Louise Park MacMillan

  2. The first time we took Sol to stay at Wendy’s house he walks out the back door and straight into the pool. The really bad news it that it was November and cold out. Wendy says he just sank and looked up at her not ever trying to swim. He had no idea what to do.
    I am glad she is ok

  3. I heart was pounding as I read your post. I am so glad it was a happy ending. I had no idea you were so spry on your feet. Good Job! So glad Julia is OK! How are ya’ll!

    • It’s not much fun here, but a lot of progress is being made. I’m going to fly back Thursday afternoon and Lisa’s going to stay another week.

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