11 comments on “Best Laid Plans

  1. I am finding a similar thing with my blog. I did this one post last year on a Murphy bed I built. It’s still the one post most often found by the search engines and my most popular post. Go figure.

    I think you’re right about why there aren’t many prostate cancer blogs out there.

    I’ve been following both of your blogs for awhile now and I would encourage you to keep this blog going. You suggestion of posting about non-cancer things makes a lot of sense and I would like to hear about other things you are interested in. Perhaps you could share more about some of the trips you’ve been on and stories of how you got some of those great pictures you post.

    Keep up the blog, I think it is needed.

  2. Just post what you find helpful, things you wish you would have known, and whatever is on your mind. When I was in the hospital for the first 6 weeks of the whole leukemia mess, I had my dad bring up one of my realistic baby dolls…. I wanted something that wasn’t ‘cancer’ in the room. It helped. Do what makes sense for you 🙂

  3. Keep up the good work. I write about what it feels as a weird guy who’s been a software engineer and lived all over the world. I want to hear others’ stories. Leads for new trials and drugs are also useful. I’m also interested in how we finance our care.

  4. Well you know your friends love you. Your relatives are probably afraid. And your honesty and openness has been a true gift from you. I have known others with PC but it was always hush hush. You have educated us very well. Thanks for your bravery and staying in touch. It’s not all fast cars and Elvis weddings, but it’s fun to read your descriptions of them. You are a good writer actually! Applied stats aside. Hah. Now I hope the stats on your meds extend by YEARS vrs months.

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    Louise Park MacMillan

  5. I think it’s an awesome idea to post some of your non-cancer experiences. Things that make you happy and keep you grounded in life. If nothing else, they may help other people with cancer to see that life goes on, even if parts of it are new and strange. Imagine someone new reading one of your posts, not realizing you have cancer, then visiting your blog and thinking, “Wow, it’s cool that he’s still got normal things going on.” I visited your blog for the first time not because it was cancer-related, but because you liked one of my posts. And as you can see, I never left. Other people may get sucked in by a “Murphy bed”!

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