11 comments on “Multiple Strategies

  1. A plan offers comfort in its own way. get through the hour and the day and then face the week. Thinkig too long trm can mess up your mind. IMHO. Hope this adventure works for you. Your are right that you have a special companion on your journey.

    • For me I think a plan offers a sense of control in this out of control situation. A sense of control is comfort for me now. I agree, long term is best left until it’s short term, mid-term at the earliest.

      I agree Lisa is the best.

  2. Sometimes you just have to try something to see if it will work. You can never tell for sure.

    The important thing is you’re still trying for a solution. That’s a good thing.

  3. I’ve found meditation has helped me immeasurably. I went to some local classes last year, and quite enjoyed them. I didn’t realise how helpful they would be in what was just around the corner – my current diagnosis and treatment.
    Habitually I tend to prioritise wrongly, getting all upset about silly things whilst easily letting go of big issues that really DO need sorting out.
    Meditation helps me ‘reboot’ my head, like I do my computer – ‘turn it off and turn it on again’!
    I am not a religious person, and am not seeking a traditional religious answer to my current situation, but I’m finding meditation, and it’s encompassing Buddhist philosophy, makes a lot of practical sense. It’s taught me to let go of things that don’t matter, and the acceptance of things that can’t be changed, and is helping me live in the ‘now’ rather than letting my life be clogged up with ‘what ifs?’ and future worries.

      • I stopped trying to clear my mind when meditating. It has never worked for me and I’m not sure it’s the point of meditation anyway. I try to notice and experience my physical and emotional environment in a passive way. Since I close my eyes when I meditate, I listen to the sounds around me, notice how the air smells, notice how my body feels. I judge nothing. Everything is what it is. There’s nothing I need to do about any of it at this moment. This seems to quiet me and then I can move on to the thoughts and emotions that are crowding my head (and heart). I try not to judge them either, preferring to let them pass through me, like light through a window. I acknowledge them and let them go. Temporarily of course. I think of it as taking a break. I’ll feel again later after I’ve spent a little time in a simpler space. (I also set an alarm so I don’t have to wonder how long I’ve been “away”.)

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