19 comments on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  1. Good! A great conclusion.
    We only live once. This IS it – the ‘now’. The minute we’re dead it doesn’t matter if we were 100 years old or a newborn baby. Length of time doesn’t matter – it’s QUALITY of time that is important. I’m so pleased you are going to try out just being happy in the NOW!

  2. Want to go have dinner tonight ? I could use a drink after this week and there is nobody puts things in perspective for me better than you (At-least it seems that way after a bottle of Hendricks)

  3. I think i like this. I think many people who suffer from profound sadness and depression with all the “what ifs?” in their lives who are wired to be solvers (as opposed to being “solved”), are sometimes made worse by the psychiatric profession. I don’t know. It’s hard to be “happy” even without prostates cancer. We wish you and Lisa the best my dear. When’s our next trip?

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    Louise Park MacMillan

  4. I think you have chosen the best path. You need to spend your life enjoying the now, before you miss it. Best of luck in finding your happiness.

  5. You are holding the quality of life in your hands.The blood, sweat, and tears of cancer can haught use until we die, but the will to live vs cancer is a totally different animal. The death of your spirit and resurrection of it too can radical change your outlook on life. All cancer patient must learn to live side by side of all the things cancer has taken from us and still allow yourselves to emerge into that butterfly and resurrected from its juices.

  6. The day I walked out on my treatment was a day like yours I believe. I couldn’t handle the pain and weakness chemo was causing anymore. I made the decision to stand up for myself, and just say no for once. My family and my closest friends are angry and scared, I am not. I have lived a full life. So come whatever may I will be happy. I would rather live 1 more year able and happy than a decade of sickness and pain.

    • I am so totally with you. Read https://yapcab.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/its-over/ and the post after it to see what I mean.

      I’m so sorry for your situation, and I’m so glad you’ve found a way to be happy. That’s what matters. When you get to this point it really is all about you. It seems perfectly normal that your family and close friends would be angry and scared. They will come to understand that you did the right thing for everybody. I promise.

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