2 comments on “TMS Info from the Second MD

  1. Yapcab, you state the facts of your meeting with him but didn’t mention if it makes you more/less inclined to get it done? I’m curious to know your thoughts about what he said.

    • Good point. I should have addressed that. With the move to the new cocktail, my depression is almost entirely controlled. To evaluate the efficacy of the treatment as it progresses, I need to be depressed. If the cocktail I’m on now continues to work, TMS doesn’t make sense. However the side effects, major jaw clenching, mild continuous nausea, and sleep cycle problems may force me off the cocktail. I’m working with the docs to get the side effects to an acceptable level. The cocktail may also lose potency and become irrelevant.

      If/when it turns out I become depressed again, I probably will try TMS. The risks and side effects sound minimal with moderate potential for significant improvement. The biggest downside appears to be cost, but that’s something I’m fortunate enough to be able to handle. Regardless, I remain mindful of my radiation treatments where no side effects except minor fatigue were predicted, but I wound up with one of the worst experiences of my life. If I do go forward with TMS, I’ll likely stop at the first hint of any side effect more serious than a headache.

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