6 comments on “Drug Dreams and Other Reactions

  1. Sleep and dreams are a strange thing sometimes. My doctor puts a lot of stock into making sure I’m getting the proper sleep cycles. She often answers my questions about my health with, “how are you sleeping.”

    and alcohol is one of the great disappointments in my life. One drink can do wonders to help me feel better for awhile but it also triggers my gout so more often than not I chose to not have the drink and not risk getting the pain in foot. sigh… we all react differently. If one now and again helps, enjoy.

    • Sorry to hear about the gout, I have a friend with it and he says it’s horrible. I think he went on some kind of meds, though, and he’s once again able to have a drink.

      • I am on those pills and do from time to time have a nice red wine or a small beer but my case is a bit more advanced than most so I have to be careful. I have found that dehydration is a trigger too so if I have a glass of water and a glass of wine I’ll be alright. The problem is when I forget to have the water too or I get into a third glass of wine.

  2. I am glad you can enjoy the simple pleasure of a drink…..I haven’t had too many since they interact with my meds but I have enjoyed every one!

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