5 comments on “Drugs, Depression, You and Me

  1. Good post and advice. No shame in depression, and not going through some form of depression faced with cancer would not be normal. In addition to the all important love and support from family and friends, the other resources you mention can be very helpful. We also found some of the counselling support helpful as a family.

  2. Jim. I LOVe you. You have taught me so much and I love that you are my friend. What stuns me is that you have lived up until now without depression. I’ll swap you your cancer in a heartbeat. Honest

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    Louise Park MacMillan

  3. This is such an awesome post. How insightful of you to think this way. It’s absolutely correct to think that, even in the US, stigma is one of the top hurdles to seeking mental health treatment, even in the most serious or dire cases.

    • What a kind thing to say, thank you. As my depression worsened and I wrote about it, I became more and more concerned my blog could scare off people who need treatment. I considered censoring depression from future posts, but that would be lying about my reality. Right now, depression is my biggest challenge. This seemed the best solution.

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