6 comments on “Hiatus Over!

    • Yes, that is the side of my life filled with beauty, form, and humor. I never mention YAPCaB there, though. I want people who don’t know about my cancer to see my work as it is, with no influence of my illness. That will change, but now is not the time for me to introduce my illness there. For those who only know me through this blog, I hope the pic of the day helps people see me more completely.

  1. You seem to travel a lot and your positivity about the places you see clearly shines through your photos. What is it in particular that you like so much about traveling? (Just curious).

    • Someone once said “if you want to take more interesting pictures, stand in front of more interesting things.” This may sound flippant, but it’s really at the heart of it. I love to photograph things that look interesting and strike me emotionally. I’m not one of those folks who goes back to shoot the same thing over and over, fully exploring and re-interpreting it, especially inanimate objects. Once I’ve captured what it “means” to me or how it “feels” to me, I’m usually ready for a new subject (the only exceptions being living creatures).

      The act of photographing something forces me to really see whatever it is and the environment that it’s in. I see more and enjoy what is around me more. That’s especially true for wildlife. I feel I become a participant in their world. I suspect due to survival reasons, nearly every animal pays as much or more attention to me as I do them. In many cases I genuinely feel I communicate with my subject and we respond to each other. When that happens it’s an incredible feeling, even with something as common as a pigeon.

      If I couldn’t photograph my travels, I’m sure I’d travel far less.

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