8 comments on “Looking Back and Forward

    • Thank you so much. It really does make me feel good. I decided not to engage in the awards thing for this blog, though. It doesn’t fit with my view of the blog. It’s an odd thing for me. I love getting and giving awards, but for some reason they don’t feel right here. I do appreciate the thought.

  1. On New Year’s eve 2011, my friends and I looked at each other and said “Well, that sucked. 2012 will definitely be better.” Incidentally, 2012 also sucked. I think I’ve given up on trying to summarize my years and am trying instead to take it day-by-day. It’s a struggle.

    Thanks for your honesty in this post. I hear that you’re trying to find your way back to a place where you felt well; perhaps in 2013, you will be able to find and make peace with a new “normal.”

    • I’ve had too many New Year’s Eves like that. This year will be different regardless. There will be no radiation treatments of my spine. I don’t think I can live through another year with the level of pain and depression I experienced last year.

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