6 comments on “Was He Always Like This?

  1. Like you I’ve always had a bit of depression and have had to fight against it most of my life. My radiation treatment just made it that much worse. Seems like like you can’t fix one thing without making something else worse.

  2. What a struggle. I think, at the very least, your blog is going to show others that they are not alone in feeling this way. Depressed patients, especially those with concurrent medical issues, often feel horribly isolated, like they are the only ones going through it.

    • That’s what this whole blogging thing has done for me – confirm I’m not alone. It’s a big help.

      I’ve also been able to comment on other folk’s blogs to offer my view and encouragement. From time to time I can tell my experiences help others. That makes all this a little easier. At least all this pain isn’t for nothing.

      I find your comments helpful as well, thanks!

  3. I found your blog almost by accident, but have enjoyed reading your posts this afternoon. I would love to hear more about your journey and whether you would be interested in writing a guest post for our website – curetoday.com. We publish a free cancer magazine, but — as I’m sure you’ve noticed — there isn’t an abundance of prostate cancer bloggers out there. You can reach me at elizabethw(at)curetoday.com. Elizabeth

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