7 comments on “I Was Sure It Was the Front Office

    • At least he’s little more than a temporary inconvenience now that know what he stand for. He has no significant role in my TMS at this point – except cashing checks.

  1. I think you should consider changing psychiatrists given your experience. Not getting back under those circumstances strikes me as borderline negligence and hardly inspires confidence.

  2. It’s great that the TMS seems to be going well.

    In my experience it’s hard to find a psychopharmacologist who’s worth a fuck at dealing with people. They’re good with brain chemistry, but that’s about it. I did find one at last, but it was a long search. I guess you’re stuck with this one for the moment because of the TMS, but hopefully there’s a path around this guy at some point if you need it.

    • Thankfully his involvement with the TMS stuff was only at the first session, I won’t be seeing him again – I’m not sure he knows that, but he’ll figure it out, or not.

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