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  1. At least I’m pretty certain, that in China (as in my experience with math and software) the use of decimals is implied more often and therefore my PSA is the same as yours, Jim. I am not going to obsess, but my understanding is that when my physician here says “69” he doesn’t mean your PSA times ten. He might…PSA is highly variable as to its range for different individuals, so the important thing is I’m down from 80 or maybe 8.0.

  2. That’s great news! Hope your side effects lessen quickly so you can enjoy this great season. My scan’s coming up in mid-June. Hard to ignore the scanxiety that begins to swell. Ugghh!

    • Good luck on your scan! I know what you mean about scanxiety. It’s too bad we can’t just let things happen and go on about our business, it would make having cancer so much easier.

      • Hahaha, ya, let me know when you figure that out! When I was first dx, I took ativan to get through all the testing, but I don’t want to take it daily. Too bad a martini a day isn’t considered good medicine! Thanks for the good wishes. I’m sure I’ll be blogging results in a month. Take good care of yourself!

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