9 comments on “Coming Off Lupron Redux

    • Thank you. I thought with one month on Lupron and three months off I’d have some semblance of normal life three months out of four. Now I’m praying for two months. It would have been better if my oncologist told me this was possible. Ah well, water under the bridge now. At least other prostate cancer patients who read this will know what can happen.

      • Yes, so often I’ve thought the same thing: If only my doctors had told me that! It would not necessarily changed my decisions–most likely would not have–but at least I’d have been prepared. For example, no one told me there was a chance of post-mastectomy pain syndrome that could last for years, I would still have had the op, but I wouldn’t have panicked when it happened.

        Oh well, as you say. Water under the bridge. At least by blogging we can help inform other people.

        You’re a good guy. Hang in there!

  1. I have to say that’s a bit strange that these symptoms happen so long after the shot but I guess that is the nature of the beast. Hang in there. Here’s hoping the worst of it eases soon.

  2. Really glad your numbers have been good! Really sad you’re not getting as much normal as you’d like. Still hoping you’ll find a balance that works for you and that it lasts a really long time! Though I haven’t been on WordPress that much lately, you’re in my thoughts.

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