9 comments on “12.5 and a Shift to Three Months

    • Most of the days are good when I’m not dealing with Lupron side effects. When they do hit I often get depression as one of the side effects. It’s not too bad, though, most of the time. There’s always underlying anxiety. I seem to be getting better at dealing with it fortunately.

  1. Hang in there and will yourself to beat it my friend…. Don’t ask when your cancer will become resistant…Tell it it will not only succumb but stay gone and leave you alone!!!! Decide that you will defeat this adversary and in your mind think of it no other way…… I officially reached remission July 1st. My doctor was as amazed as the people around me… The only person not surprised was me!!! I told them all when my prognosis was grim and they were all tearful I was too hard headed to listen and I would be around for a while not to get excited about my china lol…Now they will all have to put up with me for a while longer…. Your soul is a warrior let it fight the battle for you while your body mends and gets stronger. I am still fighting the after effects of chemo. Way after the cancer has gone they are still with me… Some days are tough I wont lie… But they are here…I will take the tough ones to have the good ones. My love and strength are with you kind sir. This battle will not defeat us… It will make us stronger and we will be here to fight another day 🙂

    • Thank you for such a heartfelt post. I’ve thought about adopting your approach, but I’m afraid of how disappointed I’d be when the Lupron failed. I don’t have a problem recognizing that I could be lucky and the Lupron could continue to work for the long haul. I need to give your approach more thought. Maybe I should adopt it.

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