6 comments on “Lupron the Nth Time Around

  1. I don’t really have anything to say. I just wanted to hug you and encourage you, if I can. I haven’t had Lupron, but I’ve had other drugs with similar side effects. No fun at all. 😦
    As for depression – as you know, I’ve been coping with that myself. As I said, don’t really have anything to say – just hugs and encouragement.

  2. Hugs to you. your blog has made me realize more of what my husband is up against. 😦 i keep searching and searching for something good and really see no good at all. My 44 year old hubby was diagnosed one month ago with stage iv metastatic prostate cancer. we go wed for his first round of lupron.

    • If you mean cure by “good news”, my oncologist tells me the chances with current treatment options of a cure are basically nil for stage IV prostate cancer.

      There are some advantages to having metastatic prostate cancer, though. It progresses slowly, so he probably has plenty of time to get his affairs in order, the first line of treatment is hormone based, so chemotherapy is avoided until the end (if he even elects to have chemo, I don’t think I will for example), and you will come to truly treasure one another at a level you never imagined possible.

      I wish I could offer substantively more, but on balance it’s a horrible disease to contract.

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