11 comments on “The New Normal

  1. Here’s a G & T to you being one of the exceptions. I’m glad you can get some relief from the side effects with meds.

    Strange about the not writing trend….now that you mention it I notice it too.

    Continued good thoughts sent your way 🙂

    • Yea, it’s my blog where there’s only good stuff. It’s also my hope that folks see some new and interesting things. If it brightens someone’s day then it’s a big hit as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Gin and tonics! Yeah, baby! I’ve been branching out from my normal gin Martinis and Manhattans and have learned to make a Sidecar. Trying to use up some of the random liquor that inevitably accumulates in the cabinet.

    • For G & T’s I use Tangueray, for gin martini’s it’s Sapphire, no vermouth. I have lots of friends, though, who like vermouth added. A few years ago I decided to do some research on how much vermouth to use, if you were going to add it. I talked with a dozen or so bartenders and had a lot of martinis. We entertained a lot back then, and so I tested out various ratios on our guests, who happily consented to being guinea pigs. I wasn’t sure there would be anything like a “right” amount, but it turned there was a ratio that most people preferred – one part dry vermouth to five parts gin. Give it a try!

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