13 comments on “The Fun Keeps Coming

  1. Hang in there YAPCab. It can’t be easy to make the trade off – quality of life versus time here. My specialists keep pushing hormone therapy but I keep saying no. Until they can convince me that the trade off in terms of time beats the reduction in quality of life, I can’t see the point. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes. Take care. Cheers, Phil

    • Despite all the problems I’m having with Lupron. I think you should try a one month shot to see what it’s like. Most people don’t have as strong a negative reaction as I do and it really does do a great job keeping PSA under control. Regardless, I’m behind you for any choice you make.

  2. just read this, thinking of you. nothing is written in stone as far as timeline, is that a stupid thing to say? I don’t want to minimize this realization that you are having, and the profound emotional responses, but maybe I need to say it for myself, too … so much we don’t know and can’t know.

    on another note, you mention the nausea, – have you tried or has anyone suggested medical marijuana? what are your thoughts or experience with that?

    • Not stupid as all. We just don’t know.

      Regarding medical marijuana, I’m trying it out now. Early experiences are not encouraging. I pst details on my blog.

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