6 comments on “Some Details

  1. it sounds like it was frightening at every turn. I don’t even know how you wouldn’t see everything as another met. I hope that doesn’t sound unsupportive, or negative, because with every one of your posts I am profoundly wishing and waiting for good news. I get the impression and maybe its the wrong one but that a lot of the medical team around you may be supportive in many ways but not as supportive as they could be to the emotions of what you’re going through. this is all coming out a bit clumsy at 6 a.m. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it sounds logical and normal to be afraid.

    I’m glad that they did not find any stomach cancer and I’m crossing my fingers that the lymph node was just some type of infection or flare up.

    • You need never worry that I think your replies are insensitive. We’ve been following each other long enough that I know where you’re coming from. Reading your blog and your replies to my posts has helps me. I very much appreciate your friendship and forthright nature.

      To be honest every significant ache or pain does make me think it’s a met. I got thru this last round of “met fear” by just telling myself that it would be no big deal since I already have cancer. Even though I knew it was bullshit, it helped. Funny how our minds interact with our bodies.

      I’ve got to think about my writing style. My oncologist is very sensitive to my emotions. The other docs aren’t quite as concerned, but they are better than the typical doc. Maybe the problem is none of them have stage IV cancer. It’s hard to truly relate to someone who does have it when you don’t.

      On the pill front, the anti-spasmodic drug the GI gave me seem to be doing the trick. Most of the time I can eat and drink whatever I want.

      • Thank you…..your support and posts help me as well.

        In thinking about it, I was emotionally responding to the reaction re the Propofol…..it just seemed like they could have gone along with the joke. I make cracks frequently and I always feel better when the reaction is either in kind or another joke….
        That and it was 6 am 😉

    • Oh, about the lymph node; I took the Aleve as suggested and it’s back to normal now. I still plan on asking my oncologist about it when we get together Friday.

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