11 comments on “A Visit to the Oncologist

  1. Glad to hear you get to do your cruise before the next shot. Nice to get a little break. Really good news that the pills are working for the stomach. Hang in there.

  2. Hey YAPCab, Seems like things are calming down. Hope so! All speed to you! I had my half yearly CT scan yesterday to see what the tumours are up to. Get the results Wednesday, but just get the feeling that it is going to be bad. Normally I am positive, but this time I can’t help thinking that, following shingles, the immune system is compromised and the big C, if not the cause, will have taken advantage of the downtime. Just hate the half yearly test results. Cheers, Phil

    • I know what you mean about scan anxiety, but because your immune system isn’t at full strength doesn’t mean the cancer has necessarily taken advantage of it.

      Sorry to hear you have to wait until Wednesday. One of the nice things about where I go for my scans is the results are always back within two days. Still, those two days are not pleasant. I hope you can stay on top of the anxiety and that the results are good.

  3. Both eating more and eating more interesting foods will help keep your strength up. It’s so hard to keep battling on the emotional front when your body is weak. And from what I’ve heard, cruise food can be pretty spectacular, so good timing there! Enjoy!

    • What you say is so true. Being physically ill uses up energy that was going to keep the emotional side. It’s significantly worse if the illness is prolonged. That can easily lead to depression on its own.

      I’m so grateful for being able to eat and drink as I wish. It’s been weeks since I had a meal that wasn’t bland and a cocktail instead of water.

  4. That is so great that not only will you not have the Lupron affect your cruise, you can eat and drink and enjoy! Quality of life is so very important (i know you know this) and I love that this is being considered. I hope you guys have a wonderful time and while you are not at home you will be free of anxiety and worry for a while.

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