16 comments on “A Full Two Weeks

    • It’s not really much of a surgery, but it is amazing. They thread a wire into an artery in the groin and use tit o inject dye. That’s how they find out where the blockage is. After that they thread in the stent and put it in place. Less than hour for me.

  1. It’s amazing what they can do for the heart these days. My brother-in-law had the same procedure and reported just as you have – felt much better afterwards. He said the hardest part was the leg healing up. Maybe this will help your over all health.

    Hang in there and keep your picture site going. I look forward to seeing you pic of the day.

    • Yea the momentary halt of the photo site is a real drag. I’m hoping to get back on line tonight, if I can get out of the hospital. I’m pseudo cleared to leave but the doc has to come by and sign. Unfortunately, the hospital is totally full and no ones sure when or if he’ll have time tonight.

  2. Great news about the heart situation.

    Lupron switch to Casodex; This is a bit surprising, as they are two different animals, in the way they operate.
    I never liked Casodex much myself (yeah, like I enjoy Lupron…not), no major side effects, but for all of L’s dangers, I fear C most. My own current elevated liver functions *may* have come from prior Casodex’ exposure… so not much more wine for me, for the sake of my liver, sadly!

    Keep at it brother.

    Other: I need to look at your photo stuff – just got back into it myself with a LX7, a few months ago.
    My goal: short animated films, possibly with (crude) polymer clay figures…

    • I have my doubts about the casodex move. When I tried it before, I had major problems with breast tenderness. We’ll see if every other day makes a difference,

      Sorry to hear your liver’s not 100%. Hopefully it was casodex and now you’re off it. A wine cutoff? That sucks!

      You need to post your films and let me know where I can find them.

  3. Holy crap! Like you didn’t have enough on your plate already! Wonder if the stomach problems were related. My friend’s father had a heart attack and his stomach was very bothered for a month or two before. Rest up! I hope the TMS continues to help.

  4. OMG, glad the heart attack was mild an there wasn’t damage. Still, how scary and like you really need another episode or diagnosis :/

    do they want to switch you to the Casodex because it will do a better job than Lupron?

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, I’m sorry you had to go through that to get there though.

    I don’t really drink anymore but I will metaphorically raise a glass to you finding life in treatment more comfortable, effective and easy.

    • Thanks! The oncologist wants to move to the casodex because it’s a pill form so I can take it every other day. Lupron is a one month injectable, so there’s no way to adjust the dose.

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