15 comments on “One Week Anniversary

  1. As I get older the number of health issues that have to be attended to just gets larger.

    Glad to hear you’ve made it through. Here’s hoping the next stage in the cancer treatment is as successful.

  2. Of course I am so happy that this episode had a successful outcome. And thank you for sharing your thoughts with such insight. It provokes all of us to consider things we might otherwise bury our heads about.

  3. I have an attorney friend who keeps on truckin-even after 2 heart attacks, prostate cancer, a stroke, back surgery, and too many other ailments. he is a walking talking miracle. We read your blog often, surprised at this latest news, but not surprised that you came through it and are stronger. You are meant to be around to teach, laugh and cry with all of us. Hang in there-Vickie and Paul

  4. That sounds so surreal, but I understand exactly what you meant when you wrote that the cancer disappeared for a while, and then howcrushing it was to have the knowledge of it return. Sending healing thoughts.

  5. I hope the recovery from the heart attack continues to go well, and best thoughts for the blood work and the further plan of treatment. A heart attack that brings temporary relief…, life with cancer indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Well, crap, another thing on your plate! Then again, plates keep getting bigger. You have such broad shoulder, figuratively, and I know you’re tough enough for this. Dare I say, welcome back to the Cancer Craze? All of us here are rooting hard for you!!! Let us know what the next course of treatment will be.

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