3 comments on “Another Cycle Almost Finished

  1. glad you get a break. The biggest problem I had with my remodel is just what you said – a thousand little decisions that all important in some way. Drove me crazy that. Good you got an architect – I acted as my own general contractor and designer, way too much work.

  2. So glad you are getting some relief from the Lupron!

    Building and the creative process is exciting, when it gets overwhelming think about how you will be so happy with the results. It sounds very life affirming and happy.

  3. I’m reading this on a Monday morning – nice news to start the week !
    I remember when we remodeled from our 1930’s cape cod “doll house” to a mother/daughter suitable expansion. It was as you say – alternately exciting and overwhelming, but so well worth it. There are still little places where I think, Hmmm….the next time I remodel I’ll do it this way or that way….the creative process can go on and on 🙂 and it truly is a learning experience. Enjoy, and here’s to a wonderful new week for all!

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