11 comments on “Telephone Pairing and Expected Lifetimes

  1. Hi YAPCaB, I was given a two year life-expecatancy two years ago. I am (hopefully) no where near the end of the road yet. I know how difficult this is and I hope you can proceed without this getting you down. I don’t think they really know. They use stats, but I am not a stat and neither are you. All the best for a long, healthy and happy life. Cheers, Phil

  2. As Phil says, we all have an expiration date…but it’s not written at the bottom of our feet. No one knows, not even the best docs. I know how hard it is, though. I’ve now outlived my date. So am I a time bomb? Nah..just not a statistic, again as Phil mentioned. You will find your inner peace again, I am sure! So good that you vent here. Blogging is like letting the steam out of a pressure cooker!

  3. I really hate that they even tell you – i get the practical side of things, but emotionally….there is such an arrogance about that assumption. Maybe I am getting the wrong impression but there is something so cavalier about writing a letter about someone else’s life expectancy. I would like to think that there is a moment where that sinks in, and the Doctor has compassion, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

    I think as part of med school, prospective Doctors should spend a month dealing with a life threatening illness, including a hospitalization or two and definitely a wait on lab results.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with any of it, but glad to hear you are back on track. You seem to have a great reserve of inner strength that leads you back there, no matter how hard the depression or other issues that pop up. I’m sure tricky doesn’t even begin to cover it….

    As always, I send you, your wife and dogs good thoughts.

  4. I think statistics are hogwash and I spit on life expectancy predictions. Hmm, I guess reading about your doctor’s letter pissed me off a bit. I am glad you are alive and blogging. This post was particularly insightful and I enjoyed reading how you dug up what was underneath your agitation with everyday annoyances. And, as others have mentioned, your resilience in digesting the ideas about your own mortality is inspiring to read about. A number of years ago, the Rubin Museum in NY had an interesting exhibit called “Remember you will die” dedicated to the theme of memento mori and as a nod to the usefulness of contemplating and having the awareness of death as an impetus to live more fully. Here’s to many more blog posts, my friend.

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