4 comments on “Ranges

  1. It is difficult to think about this kind of stuff and so hard to predict. I had a small taste of this yesterday when I went to see my financial adviser to review my retirement plan. He’s throwing out numbers of how much I’ll have when I am 80, 90 years old and I am thinking, I’ll be lucky to make to retirement age. Still, like you say, you’ve got to be ready.

    and like you say, you never know, 5 years from now they might still be saying, “you’ve got 2 years.”

    Here’s hoping the lupron keeps working for a long time.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I have been following your photos and Barb has been following your blog. It seems to me you are doing pretty well in spite of the situation. How do doctors know how long you will live? If I could go in and get a forecast it would be very enlightening. I am 75, so will they tell me I will live to 76, 80, or something else. If I knew the answer I would do the same as I do now, well maybe quit the diet Barb thinks i should be following. But I like Hot Fudge Sundays and will keep eating. We love you and wish you the best in whatever life you have left.

  3. I completely understand the last paragraph. I felt the same way when I was diagnosed and “given” two to three years. (That was over ten years ago.)

    Cancer takes away our power, our control, leaves us feeling helpless in the face of it. I found that having a time frame helped me regain a sense of mastery over my person. Now that I’m in the uncharted territory of having far outlived my “expiration date”, I am once again feeling out of control. Strange.

    • It is strange and I don’t think I would really get it, if I didn’t have a terminal disease. The vast majority of people tell me to ignore the date range, thinking that it upsets me. In a way it does, but the sense of control it provides is worth it.

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