8 comments on “Another Six Weeks in the Bag

  1. Hi YAPCaB, hang in there mate. There is a whole blog world out here on your side. Anything is possible. Keep smiling and posting your articles. Always a good read. Cheers, Phil

  2. So glad to hear that the depression was more manageable this time around! Your positive take on an “orderly” death is interesting. And I don’t think your wondering about how the end will pan out is premature. Maybe you’re having those thoughts now because something inside you is more capable of dealing with the issues now. For my part, I still hope there will be pleasant surprises in your future. An extra 10 years of driving with the top down perhaps? In any case, I hope the next 4 weeks treat you well!

  3. Everyday is a bonus – take all the ones you get. While lupron is work, you got life to live and photos to take. Still enjoy your photo blog everyday.

  4. I’ve been wondering how you have been, nice to read an update.

    I know we are not in the same situation, but I was thinking about mortality and had similar thoughts to the ones you describe. It often seems as if the larger issues are somewhat easier to deal with (we all will die) but the little moments day to day can be much more overwhelming, or maybe that’s just me. Realizing that has helped me not think or wonder if I’m going to hit the 5 year mark and stay present in the moment and try to enjoy the happiness when it comes.

    Here’s to good times!

    • We are not in the same situatiom but they sre very close in the grand scheme of things. It doesnt seem so unfair if we all have to die anyway

      I think uou’re doing a little better on the day to day stuff than i am. Keep it up. You deserve it!

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