20 comments on “Last Week

  1. That sun thing didn’t sound good. Almost like a kind of sunstroke. Sorry to hear the PSA is going up.

    I hear good things about the combo of lupron and casodex. Hopefully that brings the PSA down for awhile – that slow the met down.

  2. Sorry to read these latest news, at the same time congratulations on not losing it! In all the ups and downs you seem to have found a balance, as difficult as that is living with cancer. If there is one thing I have finally learned about cancer, it is how random it is. Treatments work, stop working, work again, the doctors don’t know why or how, most of all time predictions are quite often off. I hope they continue to find the best possible treatments for you.

  3. what a strange and capricious universe. I wonder how long it would have taken for you to find out that you had a bone met if you wouldn’t have had that migraine. I’m sorry that the news isn’t better, you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

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