10 comments on “More Mixed News

  1. living your life by the numbers of those tests is such a roller coaster it seems. I really commend you for controlling your use of the anti-anxiety meds. Not because I have any judgment of using them, I just admire your strength and fortitude, there’s something so life-affirming in that action. still sending you and your wife good thoughts as always.

    • Unfortunately, numbers have pretty much been my life forever. My facility with them significantly advanced my career. Now they’re more of a curse. Oh well, I actually am getting a little better about ignoring them.

      I try to stay off the anti-anxiety pills to prevent building up a tolerance. I want them to work when I really need them.

      Thanks for such a thoughtful response. I really appreciate knowing there are some people out there who care about my continuing to post.

  2. It was good to read an update on how you are doing as you have been on my mind of late. Sounds like a mixed bag , but more positive than not. It is good to hear that the depression has somewhat alleviated, anxiety is a drag. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always.
    For your restless legs, have you had any opportunity to try a good session of basic foot reflexology? I used to do this in the hospital setting and patients would swear by it for both pain reduction and alleviation of stress and anxiety. Often it would bring a person to a deep, restorative state of relaxation.
    Oh, and you know me by now, I always say “Go to the Art” for what ails you 🙂 a mandala drawing a day has been suggested by research to lower stress and anxiety. Not that you need any more things on your “to do” list.
    In any case, you are in my thoughts!

    • I may try it. Last night my wife gave me a pedicure with hot wraps. It was wonderful and did relieve the anxiety and tension.

      Thank you so much for your continued support and concern.

      • I get a nice foot or shoulder rub 4 times a week. It really helps me with stress. Direct massage of your back and legs would probably work wonders.

        I also use an inversion table to help relax. 15 minutes and I feel like a new man.

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