2 comments on “ReBlog from Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers

  1. So few people understand the costs associated with long term pain. It’s like carrying a brick over your head. Starts off pretty easy. In time it becomes an impossible burden both physically and mentally. Thanks for the repost.

  2. I have been reading about you experience for some time. I am embarrassed to admit the topic of pain has been difficult for me to really understand. I have recently had my hip replaced. While not a walk in the park it has not been particularly painful. Physically painful that is.

    I have only begun to understand an inkling of what emotional pain is all about. I can’t walk, cook, or take care of myself in the bathroom. During the entire process i feel completely emasculated.

    It brings with it a pain I never dealt with before. My loss of control in life is tiny when compared with your journey.

    I know you will deal with the physical pain and are doing the best you can with the emotional. The lesson I’ll take from your post today is; if you take care of all of your pain you are also taking care of the people you love.

    Thanks for sharing.

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