7 comments on ““How are you doing?”

  1. Very well said sir! And I think it’s great advice. There is no reason you should have to spend valuable emotional capital for others. I appreciate the job you do on this blog. I think it’s kind, brave and wonderful!

  2. Know exactly what you’re talking about. Sometimes people don’t understand what they are really asking and I’ll either just give a vague smile and pretend I didn’t here or I’ll give a short answer like, “It’s a good day,” or “Not very well today.” Sometimes I’ll just say, “I am here,” and they them wondering.

    Hang in there.

  3. Strange how many people rely on others to fill there emotional needs. The only person you owe anything to is yourself and I would even venture to say if someone is disappointed with an answer of I’m fine they deserve an answer even less. I kind of get the feeling that you answering them would alleviate their own anxiety about their mortality. I’m sure some people do truly mean well but, yes, you would be stuck in the mess as you put it, and they would have moved on after getting what they needed, blind to the fact that you are now in a place you do not want to be…… I love the idea of saying “I’m here”. It’s brilliant.

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