21 comments on “A New Phase

  1. I don’t really “like” what you had to say but I like the fact you said it. I wonder where we’d be without the support of our spouses? Mine has stuck by me for nearly 45 years and heaven knows why or how. Without her through my cancer journey, I don’t know where I’d be. Although I don’t know your wife, give her a hug from me and say thanks for your support.

  2. $%^&*! Thinking of you and sending heaps of positive vibes. You are not a stat, so it is only an opinion. The engineer in you will know this. Three years ago I was told I had two years to live. I have had a rough year medically, but I am not going anywhere. Now they tell me less than 12 months, but I am planning many years ahead. It is tough, but keep going, and go well.

    I don’t like giving advice, but I have been told that Pomi-T is effective in keeping PSA down. I have not tried it (keeping it up my sleeve if/when hormone therapy fails!), but you may want to investigate it. Cheers, Phil

    • I do know this is just a number. My Lupron treatment was forecast to fail in two years. I made it 2 years 8 months.

      If Pomi-T has anything to do with pomegranate, I’m on it. I take a glass every night.

  3. Hi. YAPCaB, love your blog man. Hey, you’re not terminal. Screw the median survival stats. Duke med had a stat that said median survival for prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone is 21 months. I just blew past that 2 months ago and nowhere near kicking the bucket. I’m a big fan of using genomic sequencing to pinpoint what is fueling the disease and then targeting that with drugs. It’s been working for me. If you have enough tumor DNA in your blood (a PSA of 27 or so should) you can try this and see what your real driver mutations are. Then you can go after that in a targeted way. I skipped the whole Xtandi/Zitiga (2nd gen ADT drugs) because my cancer was fueled by PI3K signaling pathway and I went after that with a PI3K inhibitor via clinical trial. Shut cancer down for 14 months now. Something to consider. Keep up the kick-ass blog.

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