25 comments on “BIG Surprize

  1. I’ve also heard good things about pomegranate juice. My friend has advanced PC, w/ bone mets, a gleason score of 10 at initial diagnosis, must havebeen at least 4 years ago. Goes thru much the same treatment regimens as you describe, and one or two of the newer meds. In addition, A couple of years ago he gave up meat (hormones?). He eats tons of beans and greens and drinks pomegranate juice. Still going strong, doing outdoor stuff, loving life.

  2. Wow, that’s good to hear 😺
    A friend who was already Gleason 10 at diagnosis (at least 4 years ago) also drinks pom juice in addition to his treatment regimen. He gave up meat (hormones?) and eats an organic vegetarian diet heavy on beans & geeens. He’s still going strong, doing lots of outdoor stuff, and loving life.

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