36 comments on “Marginally Good News

  1. What a powerful and moving post. Just remember that each of us–whether we’re battling cancer or not–is one day closer to the end every night we go to bed. And none of us knows how many nights we have left in the bank, so that just leaves the present. My wish for you is that you can return to a normal sleep pattern and enjoy every moment in the here and now. All the best to you.

    • What you say is true. It’s just the though that the next holiday season may be my last. For some reason that has enormous power over me.

  2. If it were me (and it will be, some day), I would focus on the second-line therapies.
    You are a technical guy, study them up.
    My nurse practitioner recently gave me a print-out of the latest NCCN guidelines (nccn.org, leading cancer centers pooling their knowledge), with a comprehensive list of second-line stuff. I can retrieve it, if you want – not sure if you can reach me?

  3. Keeping you in my thoughts. I know it sounds cliché, but maybe you can find a balance so that instead of focusing on the dying, you can focus more on living. God that sounds high & mighty, and I don’t mean it to. Like you said…you are relatively young and healthy…and for now, that is what is important. Hope you find your balance. *hugs*

  4. I will offer no advice. I will only say that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will spend some time looking for comforting scriptures if you would find solace in them. Sending hugs!

  5. Hi YAPCaB, sorry to hear about the down times. You are in my thoughts often. Sending mountains of positive vibes for a better road ahead. I am dealing with my issues by moving to the country. We bought a small acreage and are planning our home, trying to avoid the time pressures and “what if” scenarios if things go wrong before it is done. Probably a crazy project but it is taking my mind off the negative health stuff. Really looking forward to a peaceful existence in our new home. Take care. Cheers, Phil

    • Lol sounds as if we’re doing the same. Bought a house near my wife’s family and are now in the process of renovating it. I try to avoid thinking about the bad scenarios, try is the operative word. I don’t think we can ever really get away from it, just minimize.

      I think of you often as well. You are one helluva man. Trying and doing the best you can to deal with a rotten situation.

  6. I was avoiding my own blog, I am sorry that I did not see this post when it was first written. You have been in my thoughts often, but I should have taken the time to visit over here and see how you are doing. I am so sorry to read this latest news, I cannot imagine how many ways this must affect both you and your wife. It must seem impossible to get out of cycles of thinking. I wish I had more to offer than words, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • It’s funny, in a way this is good now the uncertainty of when the lupron will fail is finally past. Part of me is glad I’m done having to worry about my PSA.

      I hope you get reinvigorated with your own blog. Would love to know how you’re doing.

    • Just saw your post. So sorry to hear you feel the need to mostly abandon the blog. Maybe you could start another anonymous blog…

  7. You are living through the nightmare I dread. I wish you courage and some good sleep. I offer you one thought: it’s not about where you are travelling or when you will get there but how you travel your road.

    • I’m a little late getting back to you. One of my least desirable characteristics. Thank you for your support. I haven’t seen you on the blogs lately. How are you doing?

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