9 comments on “Good News

  1. I hope your progression continues to defy the norm. I hope every visit you make to your doctor leaves him scratching his head in wonder at your resilience.

      • I’m playing a lot of music and struggling with some questions regarding the direction of my creative life (or lack thereof). I guess I haven’t been moved to express myself on the blog that much. Have you ever gotten so fixated on one project that you feel guilty if you work on any others, but then you don’t work on the project, which makes you feel even more guilty? And then you don’t end up working on anything? That’s the way it’s been with my songwriting lately. But this is really just me whining, because on the whole my life is pretty damn good. Thanks for asking!

        • Yes I know exactly what you mean. I’m experiencing the same thing with my photography. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to process the shots I take. Hope you get a breakthrough soon.

  2. Hi YAPCaB. My doctor told me some time ago that PSA is probably no longer an accurate measure of what is happening inside me. But it is all we have and we still use it! I have concluded that the medics still have a long way to go to really understand what is happening, and there are still vast gaps in knowledge and understanding. That is why blogs like yours are so valuable. The shared experience is important for those of us who have moved beyond traditional medicines’ capabilities. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the award. Stay well. Cheers, Phil

  3. I too hope you’re a long way away from not being able to drive….it represents so many more things than just getting from point a to point b. Even if they are hours long I am glad you have moments where you forget and are happy, those are precious moments. I continue to send you and your wife good thoughts.

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