19 comments on “Hot Flashes

  1. We felt lucky to find it at a local Walgreen’s. It is marketed by “Finest Nutrition” and is called Rapid Release Evening Primrose Oil – 1000 mg. It is in Softgel form and was fairly expensive. It might be worth shopping around or ordering online

  2. I’ll try it! I have be on Megestrol acetate for hot flashes for over a year and it helps. I went from about 20 to a our 6 hot flashes per day with less intensity. Am on ADT for metastatic prostate cancer ( Lupron). I’ll definitely try the Primrose Oil. Megestrol acetate comes with its own set of side effects….


    Darcy M

  3. Being perimenopausal, I have had a few hot flashes. I am always stunned by that weird inner furnace feeling. It makes me believe in spontaneous combustion. If the flashes become more frequent I’m sure I’ll be joining you on the herbs!

  4. Chemical or surgically induced hot flashes…. All hot flashes really, are their own kind of hell. My oncologist prescribed me clonidine at night and it helps greatly with night sweats. Apparently it’s one of those things that works for some, it’s a blood pressure medication and it also makes me tired so it helps me sleep at the same time. I must not be a good blood pressure medication because I have chronically low blood pressure and it doesn’t affect it or make it lower. I don’t know if you could take that, just thought I would mention it. Continuing to send you good thoughts.

  5. I have been taking lupron for 3 years I take vitamin E 400ui twice a day for my hot flashes and it works for me.

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