30 comments on “Oncologist visit

  1. Hi YAPCaB, great news indeed! You have made my day. Long may the good news last. Keep safe. Cheers, Phil

    • Always a pleasure to hear from you. Our remodel of our retirement home is coming along well. About another month. Hope you are doing well. Give us an update!

      • Our new home is at lock up stage, with the internal fit out well under way. Hopefully will be in by the end of October. Cannot wait!

  2. Hello again. I’m so glad to hear your PSA results. The encouragement and knowledge that you share is priceless. My husband will finish radiation on Monday. He is on Lupron. The hotflashes drive him crazy. He feels dizzy and tired most days. He has been getting radiation since the middle of August. He’s thankful that will be over, but still will need Lupton for a little over the next year and a half. They don’t want to do a PSA until Jan. 2017. Does that sound about right after radiation?We dont know if that’s normal to wait three months after radiation to get the PSA or not. Thanks for what you do for so many people. Like I said before you are such an encouragement and I’m thankful for the information that you share. Susan Murray

    • Waiting three months to do a PSA test sounds normal. My oncologist had me try black cohosh for the hot flashes. It worked pretty well for a while, but then stopped. After that he put me on evening primrose oil capsules. They’re working pretty well. He also said 1,000 iu of vitamin E might help if the primrose oil stops working. Note all three are OTC. No prescription required. The hot flashes can be terrible. I hope one of these works for him.

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