18 comments on “On to Zytiga

  1. Hey Jim, it is interesting how different medicos see things differently. I hope this one is a winner for you. Cheers, Phil

      • Ya, I don’t know why I stopped blogging!! I miss it. I am well, thx for asking. Just celebrated my 10 yr cancerversary. I’ve been very blessed and very lucky. My side effects-joint pain and fatigue-are real, but manageable. I truly wish you the same on your new treatment

  2. I’ve been on Zytiga since April, 2017. I don’t notice any side effects. I take prednisone twice a day with it. My PSA was in the low teens and I have metastatic cancer in My spine. My PSA is around 5 and pretty stable. The medicine is expensive, but there is help available

  3. Definitely worth a go on Zytiga Jim. The only side effects I have experienced are that I bruise easily, have gained weight and a perky pair of boobs. I take prednisone twice a day . New psa tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Just recovering from kidney stones. As usual, I thought the pain was cancer. Hoping the Zytiga works.

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