26 comments on “Big Changes

  1. Hi Jim, I am very sorry to hear the news. I hope you can keep a positive mindset. Difficult I know. Three and a half years ago I was admitted to the palliative care ward with tumours in my spine. Crushing the spinal cord. Causing intense pain and affecting my mobility. I collapsed in the street once. Apparently I was a whisker away from paraplegia, so I was confined to bed. I was told I may never walk again and may only survive twelve months. Surgery was not an option. After three weeks, ten sessions of radiation and rehab I walked out. Mobility aided by a walking frame, leg brace and crutches. It took some time to recover, but my mobility is now mostly OK.

    So there is always the possibility of great outcomes, and I wish this for you. Keep strong and positive and best of luck. Cheers, Phil

  2. OMG Jim. I sure hope the treatment and intensive therapy is successful! What a lot to deal with! Kind of makes my upcoming angiogram and possible stent seem pretty trivial. I will keep you in my thoughts and send lots of positive energy your way. Big hug to you and Lisa!

  3. Surprised and dismayed to hear your news Jim. I do hope the radiation is effective and that you will be back on your feet soon. This disease takes so much away from us bit by bit and not always slowly. Like Phil, I too have been helped and uplifted reading your blog. You are courageous and much loved by many people you don’t even know as well as your family and friends. Hang in there my friend, Stefanie and I are sending you good vibes and praying for you to be strong. When I was sick recently people said they would pray for me. I asked them to pray that I would be strong. It worked!

  4. I’m thinking about you, picturing you bathed in healing radiance, setting up a filter between you and whatever comes at you in the hospital. I found during my recent hospitalization that the other patients were both a positive and negative influence on my own healing. Sometimes I felt extremely lucky that I was not them. And sometimes I had difficulty not letting their pain become mine. One technique that worked for the latter problem was to send them love through a barrier that I imagined between us. That way, I could be kind, but also protected. I hope your hospital stay is as short as possible and that the physical therapy works quickly, as it has always done for me. (I love physical therapy! If I had known how great it was when I was younger, I might have gone into the field.)

    • What a great picture. I’ll remember your trick. I see, let alone interact, with very few patients here in the hospital. I expect that will change once I start rehab.

      I’m not that big a fan of physical therapy, too much like exercise. In this case though I am praying for as early a start on PT as possible.

      Thanks for your support!

  5. Jim – another battle in this war you’re fighting. I know few people as smart and as capable as you – and believe you will continue to win the battles!

  6. Jim, Paul and I don’t generally comment, but we do follow your posts. Please know that we care and are thinking about you and Lisa too. Hang in there my friend, Vickie

  7. I hate to hear this has happened. Praying the radiation does the work it needs too, and you are back to your travels soon. Stay strong and keep us posted on everything. You are always providing encouragement for me, so know you are not alone and others are here cheering you on.


    • Thank you so much! I received my second treatment today. There’s been a slight, but noticeable improvement. I have a long way to go though. Thanks for the cheers.

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