15 comments on “Big Changes Continues

  1. You go, boy! Work that phone to keep yourself sane. When I was in the hospital, my phone was my lifeline. Meditations, movies, music, calls to friends and family. If I had trouble sleeping, I just put my earbuds in and listened to something soothing. Wishing you luck and fast healing!

  2. I’ve been following your blog, but am new to writing. Do you know what tests pin pointed the tumors on your spine?

    Hubby has had metastatic prostate cancer for 2 1/2 years now, and has been dealing with sciatic pain for this time. Fractured sacrum was cemented, and cancer spots on T8 and T11 are seen but not thought to be responsible. I believe the radiation treatments are responsible for the sciatic nerve issue. FYI he has had Zytiga, then Taxotere, and two series of Jevtana. We are taking a break now, but expect another Jevtana series will be done.

    • Sure. They used both MRIs and CAT scans to locate the tumors. I understand both work well.

      Sorry to hear you hubby is going thru this. It’s not easy. I was on Lipton and casodex, then Xtandi and now Zytiga. Ive been lucky, no fractures. Haven’t been on taxotere or jevtana. It’s nice to get a break. Best wishes to you both.

      • I’ve been following your blog for awhile and it is inspiring and informative. Please keep posting!
        My issues are somewhat similar to what Barb describes an$ I saw it great to read about what others are experiencing and how they are dealing with it.

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