20 comments on “My Room

  1. Very nice Jim, thank you. Love those big sliding doors. I too have a small space within arm’s reach. It is full of junk, but it is MY junk. I have also taken over a patch of floor near me.

  2. Hi Jim. I have quietly followed your story and appreciate your candor about this cruel disease. On a positive note you show a warm/welcoming view from your room. I would suggest you consider your favorite place to view/visit and look up custom wallpaper that can be made to your liking. They can make paper that matches any photo you provide.
    Cheers, Ed

  3. For what it’s worth, your reach is farther than two feet. You are reaching much farther with your words as a blogger. Thank you for them and for your willingness to share.

  4. Hi Jim, haven’t heard from you in a while and just wondering how you are going. We think of you often and you are always in our prayers. Les and Stef

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