January – February

I started the radiation treatments In January. First was getting “fitted” with an inflatable thing to help keep me in one position for all the treatments. The sessions themselves were all pretty uneventful. They had marked me with magic markers to help align my body and for each session there was the pushing and pulling to get the right alignment. Treatment itself took a couple, minutes and that was it. I never developed any skin irritations. After about halfway through I did develop fatigue and started having some urgency problems. They had pills for the urgency problems that took care of them completely.

My wife went with me for every single session. It was great she was able to do so and did so.

On balance everything was very easy – except for the Lupron effects. The hot flashes, cold sweats, and irritability, all worsened from December. The depression especially got progressively worse. Near the very end of the four months I very briefly had suicidal thoughts one afternoon. I discussed this with urologist who said it was an uncommon, but recognized side effect. The treatment regimen I was on normally included another extended shot of Lupron, but given my reaction we decided to forgo this.

By mid-late Feb I finally was done with the Lupron depression and other side effects. I did have some more minor urinary problems. I refilled the prescriptions from the Jacksonville urologist and that took care of it.


My PSA comes in at 2.2. This is higher than I expected. I call the Jacksonville urologist he assures me there is nothing to worry about.


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