37 comments on “A Big Change

  1. There is no need for an apology. It is great to hear from you. What a brave move. Here’s hoping for some happiness and peaceful times ahead. Cheers, Phil

    • Thanks! I’m supposed to die in the next two months according to the docs four months ago. I don’t think so. I feel better now than I did six months ago.

  2. I’ve been reading your posts since my husband received his cancer diagnosis in August 2018. You always gave us encouragement since you have been battling this evil disease for 10 years. Enjoy the time you have. Enjoy the small things. Make memories; your wife will carry them forever.

    • I wish you and your husband all the best. I am doing exactly the things you mention. It’s harder now that I’m paralyzed, but still possible.

  3. It’s good that you have control of your life instead of being locked into a treatment regimen that was degrading your quality of life. Hope things go well!

  4. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the update. I’m really glad that you’re at peace with your decision and that it’s made such a positive difference for you. I know you and your family will make the most of every minute together.

    • Absolutely right. I feel so much better not worrying about doctor visits and scans. It’s a freedom I haven’t had in more than a decade.

  5. Hi Jim, good to see your blog active again. Like Phil, no need to apologise. I totally get where you are coming from and if I was not with Stefanie I would be doing the same thing. I will be making a decision about chemo later this month. Part of me doesn’t want to know about it, however while I feel well enough I will probably continue to be a medical experiment. More strength to you my friend.

    • Good to chat with you old friend. Ahhh chemo. Much as I hate it, there is a place for it. It does extend, if not by much. It also reduces pain. That’s the only reason I would take it. I feel blessed that I’ve yet to develop bone pain. It gives me the flexibility to make this decision. Hang tough and let me know if there’s anything you need.

      • Thanks Jim. Unfortunately I do experience bone pain. It is not too bad at the moment and I control it with Fentanyl patches and oxycodone when needed for breakthrough pain . I have read some positive things about docetaxel and I can opt out any time I wish. Having had chemo may help me qualify for Lutetium in Australia later on. Life is still worth living so we wait and see. I am honored to know you, even if just through blogging. Take care my friend and enjoy you life.

  6. Jim, just want you to know that we are thinking of you both and sending hugs.  Vickie and Paul  

  7. Jim, I’ve been following you for about 7 years , since my parents died, and reading you thoughts, feelings, and experiences certainly enrich my life . I typically read your post before heading out to work in the morning, and admit that I don’t always comment as much as I read. Sometimes I have too many feelings and may not find the right words for a post. My husband was diagnosed with PC and underwent a prostatectomy about 10 years ago, which had its own effects. Thank you for you candor, strength, and vulnerability. I am glad to know you are feeling good about your recent decision. Have a beautiful day today!

  8. Happy to hear that you are feeling better without all the meds wreaking havoc with your body. Keeping
    you and your beloved always in my thoughts.

    • It’s so wonderful being off these horrible meds. I can tell a distinct positive difference. I hope your journeys are leading to a treatment plan

  9. You go, you go, you go! Enjoy whatever freedom you can get. I hope you feel more like yourself now and can better appreciate everything that you still have. I know my life has changed completely since my diagnosis and many of the changes have been good. I have found wellsprings of love and courage both in myself and in other people that I didn’t know existed. Now that the chems aren’t messing with you, I wish you clarity and joy in the moment. I am so happy that we have been blog friends and I look forward to every word you write. But never feel guilty for the times you have to live your life instead of writing about it. You go, boy!

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