5 comments on “18.1

  1. I just want to say, woohoo! 18.1! I know it means you can’t just say the hell with Lupron, but I’m glad you’re getting such a good result. Hope this next dose defies expectations and causes less intense problems!

  2. I am glad about the 18.1. I fervently hope you will get the benefit of the testosterone blocker – just from my experience of taking an estrogen blocker vs an estrogen destroyer, it sounds like it will be a vast improvement in the quality of life. Sending good vibes your way.

    • The Lupron is definitely working. The oncologist said my cancer is readily held in check by it.

      I’m hoping to move to a blocker before too long. Unfortunately, there are FDA approval issues for using the drug I want to switch to at this point in my treatment plan. The good news is it’s being fast tracked for earlier use so hopefully that won’t take too long.

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